Cultural Roots Rock Reggae Artist With Messages

Cultural Roots Rock Reggae Artist With Messages
BerhaneLove Album " MESSAGES"

Friday, May 11, 2012

BerhaneLove Remark & Recomended Single Track For Child's Month

As this month is "CHILD MONTH" I would encourage all my 'Fans' & Facebook Families to focus on sound track entitled; "Good Ole Days" while we reflect on our children and ourselves as parents. This song sends a positive message to both mothers and children. Pleasant and motivating listening to all and may JAH continue to bless the ears that listens, because without the art of listening there is no potential for learning.

Links To Song : "Good Ole Days"

Opening Remarks To All My Supporters

Perfect love, unity, strength and harmony to all my beloved 'Fans' for the years of support and encouragements that you've surrounded me with. I value your support and appreciation for BerhaneLove 'Reggae Message Music'.

I'm looking forward to having more 'Valued Fans' this year via this blog and other social network links that I've established. I encourage all my 'Fans' to share this blog with you family, friends and relevant associates. All my musically related pages and link are connected to this blog.

This blog can be accessed from anywhere on the web-net, once the blog address is shared correctly. Please be sure to copy the blog address correctly to avoid inability to navigate from site to blog. Thanks for checking-in and hope to have you here again soon. May JAH guide you in the path of righteousness.