Cultural Roots Rock Reggae Artist With Messages

Cultural Roots Rock Reggae Artist With Messages
BerhaneLove Album " MESSAGES"

Saturday, June 30, 2012

BerhaneLove Biography

BerhaneLove is a Jamaican born artist with strong cultural root and musical background. My musical generic is Cultural Root Rock Reggae with " Messages " as is the tile of my current album. My subject matters are moral, spiritual, social and world-wide conflicting issues.

My first interaction with musical instruments was at the Primary School level at the age of six. My first music teacher was ...Mrs. Russell and I choose to use her name because of respect and gratitude for her contributions to my early musical development. She taught me to play various percussion instruments. Drums were my favorite, which I excelled in playing. Later at the same school I became involved in singing with various festival groups. I even did solo vocal in the festival competition and won a certificate for the school.

After moving on to my Secondary School level, I remained involved in the music classes and also festival competitions. During that same period of approximately five years, I also became involved with Boys Brigade Band of home town. I was still fascinated with the drums as I am now, and even though I was taught to play other instruments in the band I stuck to drums. Mr. Lennie Hebert, one of Jamaica's best musician and certainly the best at the xylophone both in Jamaica and on the International stage, taught me the basic rudiments of music. He as passed on may his soul R.I.P.

With the musical principles taught to me by Mr. Lennie Hebert, I went on to practicing the drum-set on my own and became good enough to take my place among many bands performing in hotels along the north coast. I've performed at hotels such as Boscobel Bell Beach, Couples, San Susie, Shaw Park Beach, Sandals Ocho Rios, Silver Seas, Inter-Continental & Mallards which had emerged as one under the name Jamaica Grand, Breezes Runaway Bay, Montego Club in Montego Bay and more. During my performances in the hotels I focused only on playing the drum-set.

I became an immigrant in the USA and without any hesitation got a job as a Sales Rep then immediately enrolled in a college in New Jersey. I acquired a certificate in Computer Technical Support and went on to achieving a degree in IT.

I started my vocal recording in the year of two thousand and eight (2008) in Orlando, Florida at Trinity Recording Studio where I was known only for playing the drum set. Many if not all my associates were in shock at my ability to write my own lyrics and the quality of my vocal delivery. My rapid and effect transformation sparked and ignited both young and old artist associated with the studio to start working on their recording skills. Many artists told me that I inspired and rejuvenated them.

Because of my spiritual and moral up bringing I've gravitated to the natural concepts of live. I am a Rastafarian in the Ethiopian Orthodox Faith. I am a vegetarian and eats only fish from the flesh group. My locks which I have been growing for more than two decades (20yrs) is taller than I am touching or better yet lying on the ground even when I'm standing.

My locks represents a bond of consciousness and acknowledgement between the Almighty Creator JAH and myself to maintain and live a healthy moral and spiritual life knowing that HE has thought me the difference between right and wrong. At the moment of my judgment I will know better that to seek HIS pardon with mere excuses which I'm pretty sure will not be accepted in HIS judicial court yard as many may think, with the hoping to win HIS mercy.

After journeying with me to this point, it should be very clear as to the reason BerhaneLove has chosen to sing message and culture songs which may not be tingling to the ears but certainly uplifting to both the mind and spirit. As my granny would say: “What is sweet to the mouth is usually bitter to the belly and what is sour to the mouth is sweet to the belly." Most good medicines never usually taste good, but in the end you're healed of your sicknesses. My music is here to heal the nations.

I hope that you will be among the wise and mature ones who have chooses to absorb the messages given to me from the 'Creator' of life JAH through the talent that HE has given me. My ultimate aim and objective of my musical career is to acquire HIS approval and spiritual wealth at all times and not focused on the gain of money or material wealth. Whatever is gained throughout my career materially will be used to enhance this mission and to assist in the substantiation of HIS children throughout the world.

My motto is: "JAH & Peoples first, all other things after"

Thanks for taking this journey with me and hope that we'll go all the way together. Remain highly blessed.