Cultural Roots Rock Reggae Artist With Messages

Cultural Roots Rock Reggae Artist With Messages
BerhaneLove Album " MESSAGES"

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

BerhaneLove is sharing his lyrical disgust about the hypocrisies and deceptions of babylon's system. Re-assuring JAH promises to HIS Children and encouraging you; yes you, to be courageous, strong and endure all your tests to the end. Help me chant them down by listening, singing and sharing these lyrical compositions.  Becoming a "Fan" of BerhaneLove "MESSAGES" album @ the reverbnation link below or on Facebook @ is a plus.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

BerhaneLove Has Moved Up Two Notches On The ReverbNation Reggae Chart

BerhaneLove has moves two notches up on the ReverbNation Reggae Chart, moving from #8 to #6 just four spots away from the top. Thanks for the overwhelming support, and I hope you all continue to support me all the way to the top spot. “I can’t do it without you.” All I ever wanted is for more and more people to hear my message music. Just like one of my musical icons Bob Marley would sing; "Won't you help me sing these songs of freedom all I ever had is redemption songs."  Please help me to help the world; I’ve got a lot more in me just for you.
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BerhaneLove Up North In The Winter

It's a very cold winter, but BerhaneLove is all geared up. Hope you all are too, wouldn't like to see you getting sick. They are calling this winter a Rolla-Coaster, so before you get out there make sure you're prepared.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Music and Culture Corner International: BerhaneLove's Appreciation For Fans Support

Music and Culture Corner International: BerhaneLove's Appreciation For Fans Support: BerhaneLover Posing For Fans In Appreciation Of Their Supporting His Campaign For Album "MESSAGES"   We're number 8 on the ReverbN...

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

BerhaneLove's Appreciation For Fans Support

BerhaneLove Chilling
BerhaneLover Posing For Fans In Appreciation Of Their Supporting His Campaign  For Album  "MESSAGES" 

We're number 8 on the ReverbNation Reggae charts for Ocho Rios. St. Ann, JM.

To All My Beloved Fans On Reverbnation, Facebook, Myspace & Twitter Who Have Supported Me Throughout The Years Especially During My Current Campaign; I Say “THANKS.” Without Your Support My Work Would Be Futile.

A warn "Heartical Reggaematic Welcome" and "Thanks" to all my "NEW FANS." I'm always humbled by the increase support and appreciation for the work that JAH has inspired me to manifest. To HIM be the "Honor & Glory." It is HE who giveth tale...nt and all that accompanies it. My entire work is all about spiritual awareness and spiritual upliftment. I would never sing a song if I think it wouldn't be pleasing to JAH. It's added joy that it pleases you too. "Thanks" and the same vibes to my "Senior FANS, Supporters & Subscribers." Together we are a great team which is not about winning, but rather enduring and exercising integrity to the conclusion in our book of