Cultural Roots Rock Reggae Artist With Messages

Cultural Roots Rock Reggae Artist With Messages
BerhaneLove Album " MESSAGES"

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

BerhaneLove Mission

Artist: BerhaneLove

Album Title: "MESSAGES"

Objectivity: Incite universal love, unity, strength and integrity for equal rights and justice that effectively addresses and positively impacts the lives and  living standards of all human-beings, regardless of ethnic groups.

Sparks awareness about the hypocritical and fail system that plagues us everyday with lies and false hope, which is effectively destroying our moral and spiritual values, by constantly redefining the moral standards and ethics of our ancestors.

Constantly remind all human-beings that, good will always defeat evil, despite the odds that rich people and co-operations presents against the poor and needy. It was with a pebble that David used to defeat Goliath.

Our pebble today in the 21st Century is music with positive messages that stimulate our love, passion and integrity for unity, equal rights and justice for all human-beings that will transition into a rippling effect that will force us to take the necessary stance and opposition against oppressors, oppression, immorality and poverty.

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