Cultural Roots Rock Reggae Artist With Messages

Cultural Roots Rock Reggae Artist With Messages
BerhaneLove Album " MESSAGES"

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Message From BerhaneLove With Focus On His Message Album

First I must take the initiative to say 'thanks' for all the support that I have gotten from the website and their dedicated team. A special thanks to all my beloved Family, Fans and Friends who have visited and read my blogs, listened and/or watched my music and video tracks. Thanks to the many other internate families who have accepted my hand in friendship which have also been very instrumental and effective in strengthening my network community. We have just completed another month which signifies one half of this year. It is indeed a noted blessing that we're all still here to try and correct the wrongs and take the necessary steps to making things right both for ourselves and others. I sincerely wish for all safe, blessed and prosperous months which is ahead of us leading to the end of this year.

I (BerhaneLove) have been trying for many years to get my musical messages to the larger international communities, including fellow artists, musicians and all other entertainers. It's been a welcoming daily challenge for me with all the effort and time spent in the studio and on the internet reaching out to as much ears and minds as I can. Financial resources have always been my major challenge, so my pace and effectiveness of getting my music out there have proven to be a very high hurdle. Anyway over the years I have managed to maintain focus and integrity because of my love for all people of the world and my concern about their faith based on the current Babylonian system and its destructive trend which will soon climatize and end. My music is tailored to enhance the awareness of the people and deter them from suffering the unavoidable destruction that lies ahead without first transforming their minds, souls and bodies which have been captured from birth to present.

This system is doomed to fail based on the pillows of its foundation which has lead to massive hypocrisies and falsehood, which has now become the norm ad natural way of life. Human beings are the higher class of animal and so we too have traits and inclinations as our counterpart. Like them as animals, when they are adopted by each so-called-master who holds them in confinement as pets are subjected to their master's ideology and traits. At first the animal will retaliate to maintain its basic instincts, but soon or later will compromise by cooperating and them accept the given lifestyle as being normal. If it's a female, its of springs will suffer a much worse faith and state of ignorance having born in that situation and not exposed to the normal or natural habitat will definitely force them to adopt much easier than their parents. They will never know or be able to compare a life of freedom, having never been exposed to such life. Being their true self will never become a reality under their so-call-master who believes that he or she is granting them a favor by keeping them conformed from freedom and its benifit of true self and purpose. This repeated trend will eventually eliminate all threats of retaliation; because the animal is not aware of any other options and even if they were to be given the choice, they may be very scared of attempting to try having been so well conditioned into accepting their current life style as being normal.

This comparative explanation that I have taken the initiative to share is my simple way of trying to appeal to all my current and prospective family throughout my network community about our figurative state of being blindfolded. We have all been hypnotized, conditioned and distracted into accepting and focusing on the least meaningful essence of life. Believe it or not, if we focus on the moral and spiritual values of our lives and existence, the physical aspects, attributes would naturally fall into place with proportionate balance.

BerhaneLove messages accompanied with rich reggae rhythms seeks only to spark this level of awareness and stimulate each listener to adhere to the necessary changes that will deem positive results and definitely enhances their chances of escaping the pending and inevitable destruction which awaits ahead. I sincerely hope, wish and pray that all members of my network community have taken the time to read this blog. Factually if you're reading this far then I must thank and compliment you for taking the time to read my humble but hopefully inspiring words. Please do not hesitate to copy all or any section of this blog that you feel may will incite positive reaction and motivation with your families, relatives, friends or any other business and social associates.

May the divine love and spirit that dwells within us continue to guide us all to the light of truth, redemption, reparation, repatriation, spiritual and physical prosperity. Blessed are those who believe and hope for a divine kingdom of true peace and equality among all and for all. A kingdom that embraces the principle of one for all and all for one, this kingdom has been promissed and have been identified as the New Jerusalem which will reign eternally with no need for retreat